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Wright Solicitors

Wright Solicitors

Wright Solicitors is a modern, forward-thinking law firm that has not forgotten its traditional roots. It has been serving the people of Dudley and its surrounding areas for nearly 100 years, with first-class legal advice, good personal service and good value being at its heart.

It offers a wide range of personal legal services for individuals and families and conveyancing has been a core work type for the firm for many years. A corporate rebrand in January 2014 signalled the start of a dynamic new business strategy that looked to leverage modern technology and systems to support the firm’s commitment to quality, standards, risk management and customer satisfaction.

The deployment of Ochresoft’s Intelliworks conveyancing workflow was one of the first fruits of this new strategy and we talk to managing partner Stan Williets about how the solution has transformed the capacity, cost-efficiency and compliance capability of its property team.

What was the background to the adoption of Intelliworks?

As the classic local ‘cradle to grave’ law firm, conveyancing has always been something we’ve offered to our clients, but it’s never represented a really significant chunk of our business. As a result, the work has historically been quite manual and labour intensive, although the knowledge and experience of our team have always ensured we’ve delivered for the customer. We were using a very basic case management system to help lighten the load but gains were marginal and we knew there were better systems out there. And then as we started to refocus the practice towards the end of 2013, at a time when the housing market was also starting to pick up noticeably, we took the decision to move to a workflow platform that would allow us to capitalise on the returning confidence in the economy.

How would you describe the move to the Intelliworks platform?

The move was like our decision to buy in the first place – easy and straightforward.

We were motivated by three things: the user interface, which has clearly been designed by a mix of lawyers and techies, as it is just set out so well; the cloud delivery, which not only sped up the initial deployment but also gives us this rolling real-time compliance with automatic content updates; and the commercial model, with the innovative ‘pay per case’ proposition making it very affordable indeed.

The key, obviously, was acceptance by the team and at deployment stage this was made up of one lawyer and one paralegal, who were a very tight-knit unit and understood exactly how the other worked. They needed to be reassured that this was an enabling tool, that would lift the huge administrative and risk management burden from them to allow more time to be spent on both client relationships and, critically, business development. And they loved what they saw, not just because it very easy and logical to use, but also because they could add value where it really mattered.

What has Intelliworks delivered for the firm?

One year in and we’ve seen conveyancing business grow by 83%, with the addition of just one extra team member.

I think that’s a pretty impressive measure of the impact that it has had. It was certainly the catalyst for a conveyancing push on our side. Previously we’d been reluctant to promote ourselves when the market started to stir as we weren’t confident of being able to service the increased volumes to our required standards. With Intelliworks, we were working with safeguards in place – a fully compliant, up to date workflow; a supervisory framework; milestones, alerts and flags to ensure we missed nothing and that customers were kept bang up to date; and a clear grasp of our costs, that in turn has flowed into competitive, great value pricing. We also have much better visibility on our capacity and what we can take on, and the momentum it’s building has really helped to reenergise the team. The speed, professionalism and responsiveness we’re now displaying consistently is definitely translating into better feedback and stronger relationships, with many first-time clients reporting that they’d definitely use us in the future and recommend us to friends and family.

What’s the final verdict?

The fact that we’re now actively looking at Intelliworks for our wills and probate team probably tells you all you need to know. It has been a game-changer for sure, and we’re seeing a definite snowball effect from a new business perspective. Word is getting out and that’s bringing in not just conveyancing enquiries but other worktypes too, and we feel that our new brand is shining pretty brightly in the Black Country these days.

Tangible benefits delivered:

  • Helped boost conveyancing volumes by 83% in one year
  • Increased instructions are having a ripple effect across the rest of the business
  • Greater confidence to go out and sell the firm knowing they have the capacity to handle the resultant workload
  • Ability to scale up quickly and easily should volumes demand extra resource
  • Significant time savings experienced from Intelliworks SDLT submissions versus HMRC website
  • The team has more time to invest in client relationships and business development
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction levels and retention rates
  • Securing consistency of quality, standards, compliance and customer care

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