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Ochresoft Intelliworks workflow software makes your firm more efficient and more productive. We'll reduce your risk, ensure you are always compliant and up to date… and we’ll help you increase profit.

Ochresoft Technologies was formed by lawyers to write better workflow software.

Our Ochresoft Intelliworks products for Conveyancing and Private Client have been built for practising lawyers from the very first release. We understand our customers and the way you work because we understand real legal practice.

We are your long-term, trusted business partner, working with you to help you get the best out of Intelliworks. We’ll give you practical, hands-on training for efficient workflow and best practice. We provide restructuring consultancy if you need it and a fast, trouble-free installation if you don’t.

Our pay-per-case billing model means we are invested in your future success: we do well when you do well. That’s our business model, and it has helped our customers achieve strategic goals like these:

“We are now lean, efficient and competitive. We’ve taken customer service to a new level too. And we’ve achieved a 45% increase in conveyancing gross profit with the same team.”
Michael Lane, Managing Partner, Gisby Harrison Solicitors
“Quite frankly I couldn’t imagine going back to my previous way of working.”
Jane Miller, Probate Manager, Crellins Carter Solicitors
“We’ve grown our conveyancing volumes by 400%… maintaining the quality while lowering the cost.”
Geoff Hall, Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP

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