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Intelliworks compliance and risk management mean peace of mind.

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Is your firm compliant?

We know how important risk management, best practice and managed compliance is to law firms of all kinds. Risk management is perhaps the most important advantage of Intelliworks over traditional legal processes.

Intelliworks was designed by practising lawyers, so we have built risk management and best practice into all the workflows from the very first release.

These pages explain some of the ways Intelliworks reduces your risks of mistakes and claims in different ways at every level of your organisation:-

Reduce risk with over 70 customisable reports

The Intelliworks reporting suite of over 70 reports gives you the ability to monitor everything from case capacity of a team to an individual fee earner’s workload and performance.

Within the reporting suite, there are many reports focussing on key expiry dates, case progress and deadlines to help you control your risk. The “issues” report flags up any cases that meet one of 11 different scenarios that could cause a claim.

Reduce risk with Intelliworks staff monitoring and reporting

  • Senior management can oversee less experienced staff. Regular process reporting means you can anticipate problems before they happen.
  • Intelliworks and Intelliworks Quotes helps you manage your current caseload and pipeline of future work and make sure you have the resource available when you need it

Reduce mistakes and omissions with better, more efficient processes

  • Intelliworks workflows cut down on mistakes such as incorrect rekeying, mistakes in calculations, inconsistent calculations, forgotten checks and missed deadlines and expiry dates.

Avoid the ‘black hole’ of holiday and sickness

Full transparency and visibility across your whole department means clients have continuity of service even though their main point of contact is on holiday or sick.

Routine file reviews are easy

Intelliworks has risk review workflows which warn you of possible missed information relevant for that stage of the file (e.g. risk reviews pre-grant in probate or pre-exchange in conveyancing).

40-60 milestones

In addition, Intelliworks captures between 40 and 60 stages of a transaction and updates itself seamlessly so you can see in one screen what hasn’t been done.

Reduce the risk of out of date information, documents and processes

Intelliworks Smart Updates make sure every member of every team is up to date, automatically.

Full audit trail helps you respond to any claims

All our workflows provide a complete audit trail of every task done, who did what, and when they did it. A full audit trail is the best response to claims and hostile customer enquiries.

Automatic electronic identity and fraud checking

  • Integrated anti money-laundering ID checks.
  • Lawyer Checker for verifying solicitors’ bank details built in to Intelliworks Conveyancing.

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