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Every document for everyone in your team, compliant and up-to-date, automatically.

Are you up to date with the latest legislation? Are you using the right versions of forms? Are your client care letters in order? Your precedents? They are? OK, but are they the same on everyone’s computer? What about that new member of the team? And is that the current rate? What about that tax threshold? When does it change, again?

Smart Updates mean peace of mind for you and every member of your team.

Our in-house legal team maintains Intelliworks for regulatory, Lexcel, CQS and WIQS compliance, updating content automatically.

Intelliworks Smart Updates mean that all your users’ workflows, documents and forms are updated at the click of a button.

Peace of mind is knowing that every document used throughout your organisation will be right, automatically.

Our updates are proven technology. We’ve been helping our law firm customers stay up to date since 2003, so we know how to deliver trouble-free Smart Updates.

Also, read about our cloud-based services, including Intelliworks Private Cloud which combines the advantages of the cloud with a system you host yourself on your own secure servers.

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