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Intelliworks Conveyancing Features:

Comprehensive, compliant and intuitive workflows for Sale, Purchase, New Build Purchase, Equity Release, Re-mortgage and General Property.

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Adaptable, intelligent workflows for conveyancers

Freehold or leasehold? Registered or unregistered property?

Intelliworks adapts its workflow and documents automatically to the case. It’s intelligent and intuitive.

Monitoring from first phone call to completion

Intelliworks tracks your prospects and live caseload across teams and offices so you can see the big picture for risk management and productivity.

Case tracking for your clients and agents, too

Your clients can track the progress of their file in real-time online and via SMS texts to their mobile, with no extra work for your team. Cut down on calls from clients and agents for simple updates.

Automatic form-filling

All the forms required are completed pre-filled with the specifics of each case at the touch of a button. Intelliworks includes the complete suite of forms for Residential Conveyancing, including calculations.

Direct electronic document submission

Forms and documents are automatically electronically submitted. For example, an SDLT submission to HMRC can take less than a minute and typically gives a 95% time saving over using the HMRC website.

“Report to Client” builder

You can build a comprehensive, consistent and compliant report to clients for freehold or leasehold property – saving you potentially hours of work.

Reporting to clients is a high risk area for residential conveyancing. With Intelliworks, you know that everyone in every team is reporting compliantly and consistently.

Flood risk? Are your reports up to date? With every team member?

Seamless links with name, identity and fraud prevention services

Integrated AML ID checks. Lawyer Checker for verifying solicitors’ bank details built in.

No new IT hardware to buy

If, like 95% of our clients, you opt for our managed cloud service, and provided your firm meets our low minimum specification, there is no server for you to support and maintain and no new hardware to buy.

“It’s difficult to overstate the impact not just of the Intelliworks software but also of Ochresoft as a business partner. We are now lean, efficient and competitive. We’ve taken customer service to a new level too. And we’ve achieved a 45% increase in conveyancing gross profit
with the same team.”
Michael Lane, Managing Partner, Gisby Harrison LLP
“We’ve grown our conveyancing volumes by 400% but still been able to deliver on our original objectives of maintaining the quality while lowering the cost. Intelliworks has been instrumental in Gordon Brown’s successful repositioning for the future.”
Geoff Hall, Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP
“The real joy of Intelliworks for us is that it’s just there, ready to go pretty much out of the box, with content and updates automatically added in the background. It’s allowed us to be incredibly agile, something that would simply not have been open to us if we’d taken the protracted case management toolkit route. Given the usability, functionality, adaptability and affordability, it’s hard to see why firms would opt for anything else.
Elliott Evans, Managing Partner, Keith Evans & Co

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