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Intelliworks Features:

Built-in legal excellence and risk management give your teams the advantage.

Conveyancing Private Client 

We’ll make your teams work more efficiently to make your firm more profitable

Whether in Conveyancing or Private Client, you can’t ignore tightening margins across all legal services. Intelliworks understands the way you work. We make you more efficient, and free your teams to perform better.

We’ll make sure you’re compliant and automatically up to date

Intelliworks Smart Updates written by lawyers give you the peace of mind that every document used by every Intelliworks user in your organisation is compliant and accurate.

Monitoring and reporting management

Intelliworks reports how every member of every team is performing on each case. We give you real-time monitoring to see how your firm is performing and to give you an accurate projection of caseload and fees.

No new IT to buy

Provided your firm meets our low minimum specification you don’t need to buy any new IT hardware.

Fully Risk-Managed

Risk management has been built in to all our workflows from the very first release of Intelliworks in 2003.

Intelliworks workflows are always fully risk-managed and up to date. When you can trust your workflow software and the documents it gives you, you’re free to work faster and better with clear and proven control:-

  • Our mature, developed workflows reduce the chance of claims.
  • Our suite of reports mean senior management can supervise and monitor all fee earners in all offices.
  • All our workflows provide a complete audit trail of every task done, who did what, and when they did it.

The Intelliworks Platform

Whether you’re using Conveyancing or Private Client, Intelliworks gives you:-

  • complete process-managed legal workflows
    Every task for each client is systematically managed, nothing forgotten
  • a fully-supported legal library
    Hundreds of legal documents, written and updated by lawyers, Law Society/CQS compliant, ready to use but flexible and editable for each individual case
  • better, faster quotes for your clients and prospects
    With Intelliworks you can generate a detailed, accurate quote instantly. You can even email a client the quote during the call, so you don’t lose the prospect.Intelliworks helps you convert more enquiries to customers from the very first phone call.
  • email and document management
  • monitoring and reporting management tools
  • disaster recovery and data security
  • full audit trail

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