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LPA Workflow

A laborious but profitable process made effortless and error-free.

Intelliworks Private Client

If your firm produces Lasting Powers of Attorneys and you aren’t using workflow software, Intelliworks LPAs can help.

LPAs are a source of extra, profitable work for law firms. Capacity checking, multiple clients, multiple LPAs and alternatives for each file: A lot of time is spent form-filling and repeating information. Intelliworks takes care of all of that.

Intelliworks LPAs provides risk management at every stage of the process – for example, when ensuring donor capacity. That means focusing on the clients and their circumstances; not just the forms.

How to purchase Intelliworks Private Client

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Apply for and track the LPA Certificate. Health and welfare LPAs. Property and financial affairs LPA


Best practice compliance is integrated into every aspect of Intelliworks.
Free progress review

Attorney checks

Consent, capacity, financial affairs etc.
Trainers from legal practice

Fully managed

Preparation and registration of LPAs.

How Intelliworks Private Client will transform your workflow

Full Audit Trail
As with all Intelliworks products, LPAs gives you a full audit trail by date and time. It tells you what was done, when and by whom. It provides the User with a detailed and extensive workflow which assists from the point of client instruction, through to the closure and achiving of the file.
Delegate With Confidence
Intelliworks’ reporting suite includes the fee earner risk review for LPAs. This gives your senior staff peace of mind that everything is in order with their juniors. When you trust Intelliworks’ risk management and risk reviews, you can be more effective at delegation and pass on work such as LPAs to unlock the capacity of your teams.
Tailor Workflow Experience
Intelliworks provides the option for User to tailor their workflow experience by indicating whether the client instructions include a preparation-only of the LPA, or a preparation and a registration. This allows the User to efficiently progress the matter as Intelliworks will only request data relevant to the exact type of client instructions.
Option to Mirror Data
Both Property & Finance and Health & Welfare LPAs are available within Intelliworks for the User to create. The User can choose to select a single LPA, or both LPAs for their client. Intelliworks also provides the User with the option to mirror data within both types of LPA or provides the flexibility to encompass bespoke client instructions regarding each LPA.
No Double-Keying
Intelliworks will automatically pre-populate data within each of the relevant LPA forms; allowing LPAs to be created quickly and efficiently. The User will not need to re-key common data through multiple forms; saving significant time and team resource.
Clear updates
The preparation and registration process can become complex when multiple parties and LPAs are involved. Yet, Intelliworks offers the User the benefit of being able to track the progress of the matter, which responses are awaited and which documents are outstanding. This providers Users with the ability to remain up-to-date with the matter status and provide easily accessible and clear updates to clients and colleagues.
Extensive Legal Document Library
Users benefit from an extensive legal document library which accompanies and compliments each stage of the LPA instruction. Each letter and document is reviewed and maintained by our legal team, removing the need for valuable fee-earning time to be spent collating, monitoring and updating internal precedent banks.

What people are saying about Intelliworks

  • “It’s difficult to overstate the impact not just of the Intelliworks software, but also of Ochresoft as a business partner. We are now lean, efficient and competitive. We’ve taken customer service to a new level too, and we’ve achieved a 45% increase in conveyancing gross profit with the same team.”

    Michael Lane, Partner, Gisby Harrison LLP
  • “Their mix of comprehensive in-house conveyancing practice knowledge and development expertise, and the client-focused and user-friendly product made them a winner.”

    Chris Harding, Director of IT & Facilities, Thrings Solicitors
  • “We have been able to quadruple our capacity, realign our resources to maximise profitability and still maintain our quality and customer service standards.”

    Geoff Hall, Head of Residential Conveyancing, Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP
  • “Compliance reports enable us to monitor risks and exceptions effectively, whilst our consistently high quality output and 24/7 online tracking facility are helping to secure new relationships with local agents.”

    Hamish Mason, Practice Manager, Dee & Griffin Solicitors
  • “It was a huge relief to find a ready-to-go system with a comprehensive workflow, well-authored library and regular content updates, all there in one tidy package.”

    John Turner, Head of Residential Property, Key Conveyancing
  • “I can now produce the estate accounts at the click of a button and my team can answer client queries instantly on the phone, improving our responsiveness and customer service. Quite frankly I couldn’t imagine going back to my previous way of working.”

    Jane Miller, Probate Manager, Crellins Carter Solicitors

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