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Intelliworks Wills

Compete on price and quality with risk-management at every stage.

Intelliworks Wills is a new product from Ochresoft that builds on our experience and successes with Intelliworks Private Client to create the best will-drafting product on the market.

Intelliworks produces expert Wills instantly, with built-in best practice processes that exceed the Law Society’s WIQS quality protocol.

But it’s much more than just drafting faster wills: risk management is designed into the product at every stage. Our coverage of areas like testamentary capacity exceeds anything on the market and could protect your firm from a claim.

Beyond will-drafting software

Intelliworks is a better approach to will-writing. It risk-manages and audits the process from the very first client meeting.

How are you taking instructions?
By post? At your office? At home? At a nursing home? Who will be in the room?

Intelliworks has a different process for each of these: testamentary capacity, concerns about undue influence, even access requirements and mobility problems.

Intelliworks Wills builds-in legal experience

Wills builds on our experience developing Intelliworks Private Client, as well as a decade of feedback about how our law firm customers prefer to work.

Poor will-writing leads to claims

Will writing is important. It’s often the first contact with a new client. It is unregulated and competitive, with huge sums at risk when something goes wrong – and they do go wrong!

Did you know that 16% of Professional Indemnity claims against private client teams relate to will drafting?
(source: Lockton Companies LLP, January 2015)

How do you compete?

Intelliworks Wills makes your teams more efficient, compliant and risk-managed all at once.

Finally, you can offer the premium Will product your customers want at a competitive price – and you are free you to invest more time with your clients too.

Intelliworks Wills Features

Intelliworks Wills is more powerful than any other Will writing software on the UK market:-

Clause-by-clause legal expertise

Build up the will clause by clause, picking the right wording for your client, with the comfort that every word has been drafted by experienced lawyers and approved by counsel.

Risk management is how we build the product

Risk-managed compliance isn’t an extra step we have added to our software, it’s a whole ethos. It’s the way we have built Intelliworks from the beginning.

Intelliworks manages every case, every step of the way. Our intelligent processes adapt to your case, tracking every action and noting every decision.

Intelliworks Wills risk management ensures your firm is protected and your clients’ wishes are fully realised.

Fast, automatic Will-drafting…

Intelliworks Wills produces a quality, complete and final Will automatically from your Will Questionnaire…

… that’s powerful and flexible…

  • mirror wills
  • discretionary trusts
  • contemplation of marriage
  • testamentary capacity
  • residuary trusts (discretionary and life interest)
  • nil rate discretionary trust legacy
  • rights of residence / property trust

… using the Will Builder to tailor the will to your client…

… you select the options and Intelliworks adds custom clauses.

… and tailored to suit your firm too.

Law firms have their individual preferences and ways of working – and so do individual lawyers with their own preferred precedents.

Intelliworks Wills is flexible and adaptable but also provides your firm with a consistent and reliable Will style.

Clear, quality, client-friendly wills

Intelliworks Wills accommodates the standard STEP Provisions for your teams to opt-out, not opt-in. It exceeds every aspect of WIQS quality protocol.

Risk Management and intelligence built in

Intelliworks Wills takes care of the whole process so nothing is forgotten:-

Testamentary Capacity

Intelliworks Wills includes a detailed, comprehensive and intelligent process for testamentary capacity that’s far superior to anything else on the market.

Wills offers advice and an expert process to ensure best practice and a valid will. Careful procedure is the only way to be sure the Will is safe from future challenges.

Don’t forget the details

Intelliworks Wills remembers the details. For example:-

are this couple intending to marry?have you dealt with previous wills?is there foreign property?is anybody being deliberately omitted?
is a third party always present at your meetings?does your client understand there may be a claim against the estate?

Get more from your staff

When you trust Intelliworks’ expertise and its reporting, risk management and risk reviews, you can pass more will-writing work to team members, which is good for lowering costs and good for career development too.

Fully integrated with Intelliworks

Intelliworks Wills comes with all the other advantages of Intelliworks:-

  • Intelliworks Smart Updates
  • Legal Library
  • no new IT to buy
  • email and document management
  • full suite of monitoring and reporting tools
  • disaster recovery and data security
  • transparent case history and audit trails

Because it’s integrated with Intelliworks, all your information is available with full transparency and no double-keying.

Automatically available now for Private Client users with no set-up fees

Wills is available now to all our Intelliworks Private Client users as part of the package on our normal pay-per-use pricing structure.

We charge a simple low fixed-fee for each will you draft, which you can pass on to your client as an administration fee you wish.

It’s also available as a standalone product for Intelliworks Conveyancing users. Any law firm that would benefit from efficient, intelligent and compliant will-writing software can buy Intelliworks Wills. You don’t need to be using any of our other products.

Get in touch to find out more and discuss your requirements.

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