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Our pay-per-case, low setup-cost pricing benefits firms of all sizes.

Fees mirror your revenue, chargeable against your client file, with volume discounts as you grow.

Intelliworks uses per-transaction pricing with a low, one-off setup charge for installation & training and no licence or annual fees ever. [1]

Once you are set up with Intelliworks, you simply pay per-case. Support, monthly training webinars and Intelliworks Smart Updates are free.

This model is:-

  • best for your clients

    No expensive up-front investment in IT to recoup from your clients – you can grow your business at the pace you choose, staying focussed on customer service.

  • best for your firm

    Per-transaction pricing matches cost to revenue: good for cash-flow and financial planning.

    You can choose to charge Intelliworks’ per-case transactional fee against your client file as an administration expense, or record it as a cost of sale.

    For conveyancers, where abortive transactions are common and costly, you only pay for completions.

  • best for small firms

    Low startup costs, no annual fees, no licence fees, no service or support charges and low transaction fees benefit smaller firms and tight margins…

  • best for large firms

    … and the per-case charge reduces with volume discounts as you grow.

  • best for the long term

    Ochresoft’s pay-per-case business model means we are invested in your future success: we do well when you do well.

How it works

We charge a low one-off setup charge for installation and training.

There are no licence fees or annual fees ever [1].

We’ll talk to you about your likely number of cases per month and put you on the right monthly tariff for your business.

You simply pay a low per-case fee:

  • at completion for conveyancing. No charge for an incomplete conveyancing case.
  • at inception for Private Client cases.

The one-off implementation charge includes:-

  • full technical installation
  • setup
  • on-site testing
  • on-site training by qualified legal staff (one day for Conveyancing and two days for Private Client users)
  • go-live floor walking

No annual fees ever?

[1] OK, there’s one exception. If a firm takes our Intelliworks Quotes service and sets up more than five referrers/introducers on the system, we charge a small annual maintenance fee.

Telephone and internet support, ongoing rolling licensing, secure document storage and disaster recovery, Intelliworks Smart Updates and training webinars are free.

Get a quote

Please call us for a quote and to discuss how Intelliworks can help your business. You can phone us on 01793 836 730, email us or ask us to call you back by filling in the form.