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Intelliworks Private Client Features

Comprehensive, intelligent workflows for probate, grant-only, Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Adaptable, intelligent workflows for private client lawyers

Intelliworks Private Client adapts its workflow and documents automatically to the case and estate. It’s intelligent and intuitive.

Probate, grant-only and estate planning

  • IHT205 and IHT400 series, including all schedules, fully completed.
  • Income against the estate handled automatically. Automatic production of form R185, including income spanning multiple tax years, requiring multiple R185s.
  • Automatic production of the C4 corrective account form.

    Intelliworks tailors its workflows to your particular case. That means, for example, that if you need to amend the estate information after you have submitted the IHT forms, Intelliworks generates a C4 correction form, not a new IHT form, automatically.

  • Automatic updates to tax rates, IHT thresholds etc.

One-click production of estate accounts

  • Interim or final estate accounts, following STEP guidelines, ready to print, save or email.
    Interim accounts mean you can immediately on demand produce a snapshot of the progress of the estate administration, for your case file or to provide to the client.
  • Export to Excel if required.

As well as saving time, automatic generation of estate accounts prevents mistakes and reduces your risk.

Distribution of assets calculated and reported

Intelliworks handles the calculations, reporting and correspondence for distributing the estate efficiently and consistently. The distribution calculations are exact, instant and repeatable.

Intelliworks eliminates copying and arithmetical errors and includes safeguards against over-distribution of assets.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Intelliworks produces lasting Powers of Attorney for both health & welfare and financial LPA’s; single donor and two donors

Case tracking for your clients

Your clients can track the progress of their file in real-time online and via SMS texts to their mobile, with no extra work for your team. Cut down on calls from clients needing simple updates.

No new IT hardware to buy

If you opt for our managed cloud service, as 95% of our clients do – and provided your firm meets our low minimum specification – there is no server for you to support and maintain and no new hardware to buy.

“I can now produce the estate accounts at the click of a button and my team can answer client queries instantly on the phone, improving our responsiveness and customer service. Quite frankly I couldn’t imagine going back to my previous way of working.”
Jane Miller, Probate Manager, Crellins Carter Solicitors
“Everything is in one place, Intelliworks has transformed internal efficiencies and productivity. The production of estate accounts and IHT forms and Oaths takes a fraction of the time it used to.”
Alison Hill, Probate Manager, Burnand Brazier Tisdall
“For Barlows, the most important benefit is improved compliance and risk management. We now have a complete audit trail of activities, we’re right on top of everything and missing nothing, we’re using the very latest precedents and working to bang-up-to date rules.”
Lisa Bacon, Salusbury Harding & Barlow

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