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Intelliworks Quotes helps you make a better, faster first impression.

Client care starts with your very first customer contact. The best quote wins the business.

You want your customer to see your quote fast – and price is not the only factor. Customers are looking for speed, efficiency and professionalism. Intelliworks Quotes gives you a slick, detailed, integrated service that wins clients.

All your team members have immediate access to your firm’s detailed tariff. Anyone in the firm can produce an accurate, clear and professional quote in seconds.

You can even email a quote during that first phone call. The client receives your quote and client care pack immediately, with no time to shop around.

Intelliworks Quotes:

  • send a professional, detailed quotation by email or post in seconds – even during the first call from the client
  • select the appropriate fee scale, narrative and disbursements for your firm and client
  • quotes are centrally stored so they are instantly retrievable and editable by all team members
  • eliminate errors and double keying: capture your customer data only once at the first enquiry
  • you can include your client care letter and terms of business

Convert To Case button

Because Quotes integrates with Intelliworks, you can convert a prospect to a client in one click. All of the information about your client and the fees you quoted appear as a new case in Intelliworks Conveyancing with no double-keying and no room for error.

All the financial information is carried into the case automatically. Did you agree a special price for a good client? There’s no need to search back through the file at completion, it’s all there automatically.

Complex rate tables and referral work

Many of our law firm customers have complex rate tables. They use Quotes so they can produce a quote quickly and error-free. Even for referral work where there is already a confirmed client, our customers use Quotes to enter financials into the case automatically.

Consistency, efficiency and monitoring from quote all the way through to billing

All Intelliworks products are integrated to work together. Once your teams are recording prospects in Intelliworks Quotes, you can view detailed reports of successful conversions.

Review how your teams and team members are performing to see what works and what needs your attention.

Intelliworks Quotes reporting gives you:-

  • financial projection reports
  • value of work and referral fees
  • conversion rate monitoring
  • pipeline / upcoming work monitoring
  • source of work reporting


Intelliworks Quotes is available to all Intelliworks users as an extra, free service.

There is a one-off fee for setup and configuration including your tariffs, referrals etc, and then Quotes is free for you to use with support and maintenance included.

Get in touch to discuss costs and your requirements.

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