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Michael Ford

Supporting the Support Team

One aspect that the team here at Ochresoft is particularly proud of is our focus on customer service, and in helping clients to make the most of our Intelliworks system. We have a dedicated Support Team that answer questions, provide technical assistance and offer user tips and shortcuts.

We thought it would be useful to introduce you to the team so you can put a face to the names and also so they can explain what information is best to have to hand when contacting the team, so they can make the experience as seamless and quick as possible:

Michael Ford, Head of Support:

Q: Tell us about your time at Ochresoft:

A: “I’ve been at Ochresoft for almost seven years and originally joined as a Support Engineer in a technical capacity. Over time, my role has developed into management, coaching and assisting the team and maintaining our customer service standards, via our Service Desk. Every day is different; it’s a great place to work, is close to where I live and we have a great team. It’s the longest I’ve worked within one organisation, which I think says a lot about Ochresoft.”

Q: Tell us about your team:

A: “There are four members of the Support Team – we have a great mix of experience, skills and personalities, which works well. We’ve all been here for three years or more and collectively we know each other’s strengths.

I head up the team and each member is a champion in specific areas of the product. Chris is a real product expert and provides first-line technical support work. Sarah is a specialist in Intelliworks document maintenance and first line product work so customers will speak with her when looking to make changes to customised legal documents for example. Finally, Mike is an all-round technical expert – with an engineering background; he’s great at getting into the detail behind the system, undertaking database and product work.

There’s a lot of cross-over knowledge between the four of us, and we work very well as a unit.”

Michael Ford
Michael Ford
Chris Shakespeare
Chris Shakespeare










Q: How do you support your clients?

“We handle between 700 – 1100 points of contact every month and queries range from general ‘how to questions,’ technical questions and advice and product related enquiries. We do sometimes have clients get in touch with an issue that’s not with Intelliworks but is instead related to their own network. Of course, we can’t support issues in this area but by talking through the issue with us, we help them to understand where the root cause is so they can speak to their IT department.”

Q: How can clients help you, when contacting your team for support?

“It’s useful if a case reference number is provided, particularly if they have observed a behaviour on one specific case, Or, it helps if they can provide more information so we can pinpoint the cause and reach a quick resolution; for example – if they’re having a problem with an Oath Document in our Probate Workflow – let us know which type of Oath. An Oath for Executors? An Oath for Administrators? Both?. Also, if clients can confirm whether the issue is just with their machine, or whether everyone is experiencing the same issue in the company, this too is helpful. Having answers to these questions and more detail upfront helps us a great deal.”

Q: What’s next for the Service Desk?

A: “A new online portal which be launching soon that will allow users to log in and keep track of support tickets easier. There will also be a self-service knowledge base that will provide answers to frequently asked questions. I’m passionate about self-service and I’m sure this will be embraced by our clients.”



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