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Intelliworks Cloud and Private Cloud

95% of our clients use Intelliworks' cloud-based technology, but for firms who want to maintain their own system, there is Intelliworks Private Cloud.

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What is the cloud? What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Intelliworks is a cloud-based system because we host our clients’ cases on our own servers.

The cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) model means we can offer you services like Intelliworks Smart Updates and the Legal Library. Central hosting means that all Intelliworks’ workflows, documents and services can be kept up to date by Ochresoft’s experienced team of lawyers and developers.

I’m not sure about cloud computing

If you’re concerned or unclear about cloud computing for legal services, talk to us.

We know that cloud computing can be a bit of an industry buzzword – it includes a wide range of products and services and a few bad experiences.

We’ve been doing cloud computing since before people talked about cloud computing, it is the best way to offer comprehensive, reliable and up to date legal software.

95% of our clients use Intelliworks’ Cloud system – but for those larger firms who wish to manage their own hardware and hosting, there is Intelliworks Private Cloud.

Why Intelliworks Cloud?

Intelliworks has been cloud-based since the beginning, which means we can offer you these benefits:-

  • Low setup costs and low pay-per-case pricing

    Our pay per case pricing is flexible and saves you money. You are paying for services only when you need them.

  • No new IT to buy

    Provided your firm meets our low minimum specification you don’t need to buy any new IT hardware.

  • Intelliworks Smart Updates

    Smart Updates mean that every document for everyone in your team is automatically compliant and up-to-date.

  • Technical support included

    All technical support, maintenance, updates and hosting is handled by Ochresoft. Everything is automatically updated without any work for you, or your IT manager or expensive IT support company. Intelliworks customer support by telephone or email is free.

  • Flexibility and mobility

    Intelliworks is flexible. Your teams can view their documents and case files online, even from home or outside of office hours. They can work separately or collaborate together on a single file from different offices – everything is automatically managed and up to date.

  • Secure central storage

    We host Intelliworks in our secure data centre – offsite storage and backup of your clients’ files is included as part of our service.

    Your information is held at Ochresoft’s secure managed data centre, with no access for unauthorised users. We deal with all the privacy, security, data integrity and hosting issues so you don’t have to.

    Our data centre implements the strictest security procedures as defined by ISO 17799. If you have a fire, flood or any damage to the building or your systems, you can be confident that we have your information stored securely.

  • Low energy use and carbon footprint

    Many organisations choose cloud computing because of its low carbon footprint. A study by Accenture for Microsoft has found that for small IT deployments moving to cloud computing and away from servers can cut energy use on IT infrastructure by 90%.

Intelliworks Private Cloud

Though 95% of our customers choose Intelliworks Cloud, some larger organisations require their own hosting. They can choose our secure private cloud service.

Intelliworks Private Cloud offers you the same service as standard Intelliworks, but because you have the responsibility for your own hosting you also have more control over the data, performance and continuity of the system.

Private Cloud customers maintain their own server and network infrastructure, with Ochresoft providing Intelliworks Smart Updates automatically over the Internet.

Intelliworks Private Cloud has its own specification in addition to the Intelliworks minimum specification.

If you are are interested in Intelliworks Private Cloud, or want to know more about anything to do with Intelliworks, get in touch.

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