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Intelliworks Private Client

Powerful and comprehensive workflow software, flexible enough for how your private client teams work in practice.

We all know how crowded the probate market has become, with new forms of competition driving down margins.

Workflow software solves the problem. It can make you both more efficient and more compliant, but probate cases aren’t straightforward and easily-automated – you need specialist software written by experts.

Cases can take time to complete, with false starts and files on hold for weeks while your team wait for further information – so you need case management. They involve detailed family, estate, accounting, and tax rules – so you need an intelligent, comprehensive solution that understands current regulation and the way you work.

Until Ochresoft launched Intelliworks Private Client, the right product wasn’t available. Private client teams faced a stark choice between generic “toolkit”-based case management written by software houses with little legal content and no probate accounting; or accounts-focussed systems designed only for the expert user.

Intelliworks Private Client draws on our decades of expertise as working lawyers, as well as feedback from our clients in legal practice about the way they work and how they use Intelliworks.

Intelliworks Private Client makes your probate teams more efficient whilst keeping control of a difficult and lengthy caseload – from the first client phone call capturing the details of the assets all the way through to automatic estate accounts and distribution of those assets; then billing the client, archiving the file and on to the next case.

The features and expertise that lawyers need, built-in

Intelliworks Private Client includes a complete double-entry accounting framework with business rules for every probate transaction.

Intelliworks Private Client is flexible so your users can work the way they want, whilst making your teams more efficient and more compliant. Your users can choose to follow the complete workflow process or just what is relevant to a particular case, with support for estates of all sizes.

Intelliworks guides you through the complete probate process, drawing from hundreds of standard precedents, storing all documents securely as you go. This saves time, reduces the likelihood of errors, and frees up your teams by delegating routine tasks.

The full suite of IHT 200 and 400 Series forms is built in. Intelliworks also gives you:-

  • fully automated Estate Accounts meeting the latest STEP guidelines, all exportable to Microsoft Excel in a click;

  • automatic production of form R185, including income against the estate spanning multiple tax years, requiring multiple R185s;

  • automatic production of the C4 corrective account form.

    Intelliworks tailors its workflows to your particular case. For example, if you need to amend the estate information after you have submitted the IHT forms, Intelliworks generates a C4 correction form, not a new IHT form, automatically.

  • automatic updates to tax rates, IHT thresholds etc.

Fully Risk-Managed

Risk management has been built in to all our workflows from the very first release of Intelliworks in 2003.

Intelliworks workflows are always fully risk-managed and up to date. When you can trust your workflow software and the documents it produces, you’re free to work faster and better with clear and proven control:-

  • Our mature, developed workflows reduce the chance of claims.
  • Our suite of reports mean senior management can supervise and monitor all fee earners in all offices.
  • All our workflows provide a complete audit trail of every task done, who did what, and when they did it.

Intelliworks gives you a complete audit trail of every task done, who did what, and when they did it.

Up to date

You know how critical it is to maintain accurate, up-to-date legal and financial content.

Intelliworks Smart Updates gives you that:-

  • Our workflows always meet the current legislation, guidelines and HMRC processes.
  • Your teams are always using current financial data. VAT rates, Tax thresholds, dividend rates, IHT Nil Rate Band etc – nothing can be forgotten.

Our in-house solicitors monitor changes in legislation, practice and procedure to ensure we keep the workflow and content up to date.

Our network of law firm clients provides us with practical feedback every day which we use to analyse, improve our services and pass on to you.

We’ve been helping our law firm customers stay up to date since 2004, so we know how to deliver trouble-free automatically updated workflows to every member of every team.

Saving time, saving money

Intelliworks features save time, make your teams more efficient and save money:

  • The legal library is unique to Intelliworks. Your staff produce quality, compliant documents you can trust, instantly. The documents are complete and ready to send but free to edit for the individual case.
  • Our documents are automatically pre-filled with the correct information and adjusted automatically as the case progresses.
  • Disbursements are automatically added to the account, so you know your costs will be recovered – no more write-offs.
  • You can see the current state of a case at any time. Client queries are answered quickly with no costly callbacks.
  • You have complete audit traceability.

Ready to go

Intelliworks Private Client is fully-developed and ready for your firm.

If you opt for our managed cloud service, as 95% of our clients do – and provided your firm meets our low minimum specification – there is no server for you to support and maintain and no new hardware to buy. Your teams can be up and running with as little as one day’s training.

We work with you before installation to find out your business needs and how you will use Intelliworks. After your training you will be able to put live cases on the system immediately.

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