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Conveyancing workflows

Purchase Workflow

Intelliworks Purchase workflow delivers an automated, fully comprehensive and dynamically responsive workflow solution and precedents library for purchases of residential freehold and leasehold properties.


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House with a brick wall

Leasehold house? Multiple clients? Unregistered title? Intelliworks makes it easier!

Intelliworks Purchase takes you through the full life cycle of the transaction with a complete set of tasks compliant with the Law Society Conveyancing Protocol; from inception, right through to the registration of the client’s title at the HM Land Registry and file-closing procedures.

Our intelliworks purchase workflow facilitates an extensive library of fully editable precedents and legal forms, ensuring that every aspect of the transaction is quickly and reliably delivered with specialist content drafted by our in-house team of expert conveyancing professionals.

The content and workflow processes are fully managed and regularly updated in line with any changes to legislation, case law and legal practice. Whether it’s a landmark judgment on lawyers’ liability in the unfortunate event of a fraudulent transaction, a change to the land tax regime and rates, or amendment to the Standard Conditions of Sale, we can update the workflow and documents quickly, so you don’t have to.


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