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Private Client workflows

Probate Workflow

A flexible, easy-to-use case management system with powerful features.

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IHT 400 series forms? R185 and C4 corrective accounts? Financial data? Intelliworks makes it all easier!

Probate cases aren’t straightforward or easily-automated. They involve detailed family, estate, accounting, and tax rules – so you need intelligent, comprehensive, specialist legal workflow software that understands current regulation.

Intelliworks guides you through the complete Probate process, drawing from hundreds of standard precedents, storing documents securely as you go. It contains all the features and expertise you need, and is flexible – users can choose to follow the complete workflow process or just what is relevant to a particular case, with support for estates of all sizes.

Intelliworks Private Client draws on our expertise as lawyers, and feedback from clients about the way they work. The software was designed and built by lawyers who understand real practice. It makes Probate teams both more efficient and compliant by saving time, reducing the likelihood of errors, and freeing fee-earners and support staff from administrative tasks – all whilst keeping control of a difficult and lengthy caseload.

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