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Making a difference at the ‘Forest of Ochresoft’

At the start of the year, the team at Ochresoft made a pledge to offset the carbon emissions produced by the business, in a bid to become carbon neutral in 2021. A biodiversity initiative was launched to plant as many trees as possible during the year, which would be completed in partnership with Tree Nation.

After two complete months, we have already planted 106 trees, which will capture 84.8 tonnes of co2 over a 20-year period. This has reforested 0.11 hectares of land in Nepal!

Confirms Rob Gurney, managing director of Ochresoft: “The two tree species we have specifically planted have been selected for their carbon capture properties; so far we have Bombax Ceiba and Pinus Roxburghii – both capturing 40kg of co2 per year, per tree.

“We love the fact that we can keep a real track on the planting that is happening, and also that we have received a message from the planter, Eden Reforestation Projects, to say “You are making a difference in the world by planting trees. 🌳Thank you! “. It gives us a good feeling to know that our combined efforts count.”

For anyone who wants to support the Forest of Ochresoft, please visit

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