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Ochresoft launches campaign to become carbon neutral in 2021

Ochresoft launches campaign to become carbon neutral in 2021

Ochresoft has launched a new biodiversity initiative to plant new trees during 2021, to offset the carbon emissions produced by the business.  

The planting is to be completed in partnership with Tree Nation and is part of a wider program focused on reforesting the world. 

Ochresoft’s managing director, Rob Gurney, devised the initiative and explains why he is committed to achieving the goal: Research has shown that the average office-based worker produces 3.6 tonnes of CO2 per yearthis includes the consumption of energy, water, paper as well as fixed assets and short business trips.  We have calculated that as a business we generate approximately 68.4 tonnes of CO2 per year, which means we need to offset 5,700 kgs of CO2 every month. This equates to planting around 60 trees per monthdepending upon the species chosen. 

“With support from the team, we are committed to this challenge for 2021 and look forward to working with Tree Nation to bring our idea alive. Creating more woodland around the world is vital in the fight against climate change and we are all looking forward to making a difference. We also encourage other businesses across our industry to join in, to help make a positive impact on our environment.” 

For anyone who wants to join us planting trees in the Forest of Ochresoftplease visit on the numbers of trees planted will be posted on Ochresoft’s news page and Twitter feed regularly. 

For more information, telephone 03300 366700.


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