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Conveyancing Quality Scheme Update – UK Finance Part 2 Requirements

New Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS) for Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS)accredited firms came into effect on 1 May 2022.   

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring that Intelliworks conveyancing workflows are CQS compliant, we have reviewed and updated the workflows with several enhancements, to address the key areas of change identified. 

For example, improvements have been made to our Purchase, New Build Purchase and Remortgage workflows to help users demonstrate compliance with Requirement 6.4.  The new Requirement provides that firms must have a procedure to ensure that UK Finance Part 2 requirements are checked and satisfied.  We have therefore implemented the following new features to assist our users to meet the new requirements. 

The Mortgage Offer Received process has been reviewed and enhanced to include a new prompt requesting that users confirm that Part 2 requirements have been checked and that the requirements have been satisfied.


This ensures that the requirement is highlighted to our users and indicates that review and response is required.     

New features have also been added to the Assess Readiness for Exchange processes, in the Purchase and New Build Purchase workflows.  These new features require users to review and record whether the Part 2 requirements have been checked and met: 


These changes have been engineered to facilitate our users in meeting their obligations efficiently under the new CPMS, at the relevant stages of the transaction.    

Intelliworks case management software has been designed to reflect the spirit of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme and the high standards it sets out. Our specialist legal workflows are based on conveyancing good practice and the principles of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Protocol, which, whilst mandatory only for CQSaccredited firms, is commonly recognised and adopted by the wider conveyancing profession.  

Full details of all updates included within the release can be found in the ‘Workflow Release Notes’ section within the Intelliworks case, or by clicking on this link: CQS Workflow Updates 

For more information, please contact your Account Manager or call us on 03300 366700. 

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