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Rob Gurney

Created by lawyers, for lawyers

Thoughts from Rob Gurney, Managing Director:

“We have always taken great pride in the fact that the team behind the scenes here at Ochresoft have legal backgrounds. Our strapline of “Intelliworks is created by lawyers, for lawyers” stands true – we understand just how important it is for the legal workflows to be updated in real-time so you know you’re always compliant.

We also understand the pressures facing lawyers and the need to ensure that nothing is forgotten; that every detail of every file is in place, to not only deliver efficiencies but to mitigate risk and enhance professionalism.

As we approach the first anniversary of the first national Covid lockdown, we reflect on what the last 12-months have been like. We know the legal profession has faced a great deal of pressure; we are all aware of the significant peak in the property market – the levels of which should not be underestimated.

In addition, with firms switching to home working or others having to furlough some staff, there has been fewer professionals operating, or indeed those having to adjust the way they work due to the restrictions we have all faced.

One of the largest compliments we have received – and on more than one occasion – is the number of lawyers we have seen who have either moved roles or started their own practices who have insisted on taking Intelliworks with them. We are all very proud that our case management workflows are seen as a big ‘must have’ for lawyers operating in both property and private client.

The feedback we continue to receive from our Intelliworks customers has been so positive – we are proud that, amid the craziness of the last 12-months, it has enabled lawyers to keep on track with instructions, ensure all aspects of each case are conducted, and ultimately provide peace of mind that risks are eliminated.”

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