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Forest of Ochresoft: 2022 recap

Forest of Ochresoft: 2022 recap

In January 2021, the Ochresoft team made a pledge to offset the carbon emissions produced by the business, in a bid to become carbon neutral. 

We are now nearly two years on from launching this biodiversity initiative and continue to be deeply committed to maintaining the approach of being a hugely carbon-negative business. 

The Ochresoft team is delighted to confirm that, in total, the ‘Forest of Ochresoft’ has planted 2,979trees across the globe, which equates to reforesting 2.8 hectares. More than932 tonnes of CO2 are being captured over the lifetime of the trees. 

In 2022 alone, our Forest has grown by a fantastic 1,560 trees and 1.8 hectares. 

The donated trees have been planted in places such as Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Peru, France, Brazil, USA, India and the UK!  The combination of tree species – which includes Beech, Alder, Indian Cedar, Red Silk Cotton Tree, Acacia and Pine – have varying benefits, such as being medicinal. We planted 238 Choerospondias axillaris trees in Nepal – the fruits on these are high in vitamin C content and can be eaten raw or made into juices, ice creams, and jellies. The fibrous bark can be used for making rope, and the wood can be used as a light construction timber, for making general furniture. The wood is also used for fuel.  

Ochresoft’s Managing Director, Rob Gurney, said: “It’s so important for everyone to consider the impact we have on the environment – both locally and globally – and we are all pleased to be playing our part and making a small difference to the planet. We shall be continuing our carbon offsetting journey into 2023.” 

This project is being completed in partnership with Tree Nation – part of a wider program dedicated to reforesting the world. For anyone wishing to plant a tree in the ‘Forest of Ochresoft’, please click here – all donations are gratefully received. 


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