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International Week of Happiness at Work 2022

International Week of Happiness at Work 2022

19th – 25th September 2022 is International Week of Happiness at Work, which encourages employees and employers to work together to make happiness at work the norm.  

Why is this important?  

It’s suggested that happier employees are: 

  • More productive and motivated 
  • Less likely to call in sick 
  • Energised 
  • More innovative. 

Happiness at Work is a shared responsibility. So, what can you do in your organisation?   

  • Hold an open forum and discuss what everyone could do to create a happier work environment 
  • Share your favourite inspirational quotes, videos, keynote speeches or mantras with each other 
  • Organise team building and communication exercises to get to know each other better 
  • Start an initiative to show appreciation and give more positive feedback.  

We’ll certainly be marking it here at Ochresoft. What will you be doing?

Click here to view the official website and find more tips and ideas. 


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