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We’ve joined the Institute of Customer Service!

We are proud to announce that Landmark Information Group recently became a member of the UK’s independent customer services body, the Institute of Customer Service (ICS).

This signals not only our commitment to customer service excellence across our group of businesses, but also our goal of achieving the ICS ServiceMark accreditation, a rigorous and independent feedback- and benchmarking-based award. 

In a fast-moving and increasingly competitive industry landscape, customer service has always been a point of differentiation for our group. We operate under a long-established and well-regarded customer service culture, which is upheld not only by our amazing customer service teams, but also across every part of the business. According to our Head of Customer Experience Helen Luty, a major benefit of joining the ICS is the ability to benchmark our customer service against other organisations, which will ensure that we stay responsive, committed and competitive. Equipped with the resulting knowledge, our teams will be even better placed than before to innovate and elevate the customer experience.  

This is great timing in a year that is likely to see many property professionals turn their attention to embracing digitisation and driving efficiencies. As a partner and supplier to the entire property value chain, we understand the importance of offering new and innovative ways of applying data alongside more traditional products – and the difference that consistently excellent customer support and service can make. We’re committed to delivering the highest possible standards and look forward to updating you on our journey to ServiceMark accreditation. 


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