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National Stress Awareness Day 2022

National Stress Awareness Day 2022

Held on the first Wednesday of each November, National Stress Awareness Day was launched by the International Stress Management Association - a charity which promotes knowledge about stress, best practices for stress management, and wellbeing.   

Founded to increase awareness and help people to recognise, manage, and reduce stress in their personal and professional lives, National Stress Awareness Day is an opportunity to take a deep breath and reflect. 

The aim over this 24hrs is to profile stress and its impact and reduce stigma while promoting the importance of wellbeing.   

What is stress?  

Stress is an automated response to pressure, crisis and demands. Whether it’s work or juggling the balance of relationships and childcare, there are many lifestyle factors that contribute to stress that can eventually lead to further mental health problems. 

If it gets overwhelming, or is prolonged, stress can cause physical and mental health problems – stress is one of the main causes of serious health complications of the body and brain. Recently, 74% of people said stress has made them feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. 

A small amount of stress can be useful and motivating, but too much stress can cause negative effects such as a change in mood, body, sleep, appetite, and relationships.  


While we might not get enough time to think about it day-to-day, use this National Awareness Day to contemplate your stress-points and find out how, where, and why you get the most stress from. Find the stressful areas in your life and plan a course of action to solve them.  

Stress management and reduction should be a constant practice, and there are many activities and mindful approaches to reduce the impact of stress. You can find tips, resources, and helpful information by clicking here. 


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