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No better time to start searching

Ochresoft has announced that its Intelliworks conveyancing module will now come with the new inbuilt OchreSearch service. To mark the launch, Ochresoft has also confirmed that for a limited time only it will waive all capital costs for new Intelliworks customers who agree to trial OchreSearch.

OchreSearch allows users to order searches and environmental reports from within the Intelliworks workflow in just a couple of clicks, with results returned directly to the respective case plan. The service will draw on the resources of Ochresoft’s two dmgi:Land&Property group partners, Searchflow and Landmark, with Searchflow fulfilling requests and offering a dedicated helpdesk to Ochresoft customers.

As well as its strong mapping functionality, OchreSearch also utilises Landmark’s hazard data to automatically flag up any additional searches that may be relevant, such as coal, flood or HS2; by using geocodes searches can be based on the actual property location rather than a wider postcode. With 14% of PI claims attributable to search related issues*, Ochresoft is keen to de-risk the process as much as possible as well as drive efficiencies and time savings.

The new facility is another addition to Ochresoft’s overarching ‘Connected Conveyancing’ strategy following on from eDRS integration with the Land Registry earlier this year and its hugely successful on-line SDLT submission service to HMRC. Ochresoft’s strategy aims to position Intelliworks as the only specialist conveyancing system in the market; future plans will see Intelliworks plug seamlessly into every key external platform available in order to make life even easier for its users and reduce risk at a practice level.

To encourage usage of the new search ordering functionality, Ochresoft is offering selected firms the opportunity to roll-out Intelliworks without incurring any project management and training costs.

As Intelliworks is offered on a pay-per-case model, this removes the only capital expense element which is a frequent barrier to partner sign-off on a new system; and with go-lives achievable within 6-8 weeks, it also negates worries around lengthy IT projects and delayed returns.

Pauline Freegard, Director of Business Development

“This is a very big moment for us as it represents the fruits of a strategy which we believe will change how conveyancing teams function in the future. OchreSearch is just the starting point of a broader effort to allow conveyancers to take back control of their work – and their lives – by giving them the tools that will accelerate and simplify every task, whilst safeguarding quality and compliance.

The tie-up with Searchflow comes with the promise of full back-up for our users. It has worked very hard to improve customer service and the user experience, as evidenced by its latest Net Promoter Score (NPS); this key service metric now stands at 63%, comparable to that of well-known service brands such as Amazon and Apple, and demonstrates its on-going commitment to the conveyancing sector.

That all adds to our confidence. Indeed, such is our belief in Intelliworks, and our desire to demonstrate OchreSearch’s capabilities, that we’re now making it possible for firms to sign up and get started with no capital outlay and offering existing users a 50% discount on their workflow cost. Intelliworks is about making things easier for conveyancers; now Ochresoft is about making that Intelliworks decision easier for law firms.”

Greg Bryce, Managing Director at SearchFlow

“Our partnership with Ochresoft provides customers with a simple and convenient method of ordering searches while helping manage potential risk. It will enable conveyancers to order up-to-date, relevant and accurate searches that both they and their clients can trust. We joined forces with Ochresoft because we know they provide market leading conveyancing workflows and they are as passionate about technical innovation as we are. This new venture is another way we help firms equip their property team with the best tools available, ensuring the day-to-day running of a conveyancing transaction is quicker, more convenient with increased efficiencies. The more efficient the conveyancing team can be the more clients they can help which will, ultimately, drive customer service, greater success and improved profitability.”

For more information please contact Katrina Bevan on 01793 836 730 or email

*Data courtesy of Lockton Companies.

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