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Robert Sandeerson

Ochresoft launches live feed to CML Lenders’ Handbook for conveyancers

Ochresoft, the legal workflow software specialist, has today announced the introduction of a direct data feed to the CML Lenders’ Handbook into its Intelliworks case management platform. This provides conveyancers with immediate on-demand access at key, contextual points in the workflow to the very latest lender-specific instructions directly within the system; eliminating the need to manually search for details.

The live feed provides conveyancers with the ability to access all mortgage lenders’ most up-to-date instructions from the CML Handbook, which includes general instructions (part 1) and lender-specific instructions (part 2).

The part 2 instructions vary from lender to lender and change frequently, therefore conveyancers need to refer to the criteria for every instruction received.  By integrating a live feed into Ochresoft’s Intelliworks system, conveyancers have access to every mortgage lender’s conveyancing instructions in the CML Lenders’ Handbook, automatically at the touch of a button and at the exact point in the workflow that they need it.

For example, when a conveyancer is reviewing a client’s mortgage offer, Intelliworks now contains a link directly to paragraph 6.10 of the CML Lenders’ Handbook and the specific requirements of their client’s lender if the conveyancer identifies that the offer contains a retention.

Robert Sandeerson

Confirms Robert Sanderson, Managing Director at Ochresoft:
“By introducing the on-demand live feed to the CML Lenders’ Handbook, our conveyancing clients can now check and validate each and every client file against up-to-the-minute lending specific criteria, directly from the case itself. This provides clients with a seamless experience, with less disruption and immediate on-demand access to every lender’s latest requirements. In doing so, it aids compliance and eliminates the errors associated with manual checks. As a former property lawyer, I know just how helpful our customers are going to find this enhancement.”

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