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Ochresoft Newsletter: November 2021

Ochresoft Newsletter: November 2021

Hello there,

Welcome to this latest edition of the Ochresoft News & Views Newsletter, which I hope you find informative.

I would like to start by simply offering my huge congratulations to all of our customers for getting through the incredibly challenging times that I know you have been experiencing. As you would expect, we closely measure transaction levels within Intelliworks, and we have never before seen the activity characteristics that appeared over recent months. I know first-hand how difficult it is for law firms to navigate smoothly through “normal” seasonality adjustments, but 2021 has been far from normal! Apologies for the cliché, but it truly has been a roller-coaster ride, with dips and peaks being greater than we have ever experienced. The resourcing challenge that arose from these huge transaction fluctuations can never be under-estimated, and I know that everyone here at Ochresoft HQ has nothing but admiration for your achievements. I’m very proud of how my staff have taken ownership during this period, dedicating themselves fully to assisting and supporting wherever we can, to try and help ease the burden. (Just out of interest, 30th September was officially the busiest day in our history, in terms of Intelliworks completions!)

Now that we find ourselves with the SDLT-related craziness behind us, we hope that our firms can begin to return to some semblance of normality, and we look forward to working with you to ensure your onward success.


Forest of Ochresoft

Carbon offsetting target beaten three times over

I am delighted to confirm that Ochresoft has already achieved its goal of becoming a carbon negative business in 2021 by planting trees. What is especially pleasing for me is that this fantastic target has been met purely from monthly voluntary donations from the staff here. It really is inspiring being part of this fabulous team!


Meet the team

The faces behind the names

We’re pleased to introduce Marie Harrison-Stradling, Workflow Team Manager, in the third of our ‘Meet the Team’ interview series.


Your training needs

On the road again…

We’re delighted to announce that we are now back on the road and available for on-site face-to-face training again!


Property Trends

Property Trends Report

We’re in the last quarter of the year, where the rollercoaster analogy still very much applies for the legal conveyancing profession.


Customer promise

At the heart of our business

We’re proud to call ourselves a technology partner, and not simply a provider. Did you know that we have a Customer Promise charter?


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