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Intelliworks Quotes testimonial


Jennifer Woodruff, Partner – Wilson Browne Solicitors

Wilson Browne Solicitors

“Ochresoft’s Intelliworks stood out for many reasons – there is a vast selection of standard documentation which is automatically updated following any changes in the law; integration with the Land Registry enabling applications to be submitted through the case; even more integration with the Inland Revenue enabling SDLT returns to be submitted; the added benefit of integration with Lawyer Checker and our search provider; CQS compliance.

The system helps the conveyancing team work efficiently as everything is in one place and does not require the repeated inputting of the same data. Intelliworks also supports all standard conveyancing workflows including sale and purchase, re-mortgage and equity release.

As well as a task list to work from, the history provides a complete audit trail including all documents/correspondence sent and who worked on the case (or “matter”) at any point in time. Emails can be sent from the case and incoming emails easily moved into the history.

We also use the Intelliworks Quote system. A quote can be generated in a matter of seconds and emailed to a potential client directly from Intelliworks. Follow-up correspondence can also be generated, again providing an audit trail.

Once a quote is accepted, at the touch of a button this will be converted into a case. All of the data from the quote will be pulled through to the matter. This means we can work faster and smarter with Intelliworks.

It is well known that conveyancing is a high risk area of law. As such, it is essential to have a compliant workflow with inbuilt reminders, up-to-date templates and a sufficient audit trail. As head of the residential conveyancing team this provides me with peace of mind.”

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