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Spotlight: Intelliworks Wills workflow

Spotlight: Intelliworks Wills workflow

Ochresoft’s Intelliworks Wills workflow has been designed and developed to produce expert Wills quickly and efficiently.  

The Wills workflow provides Practitioners with the benefit of integrated, comprehensive risk review and management processes, which are employed dynamically throughout the duration of the matter and take effect from the moment client instructions are recorded, in order to highlight areas of risk.  

These established processes provide Intelliworks users with the reassurance that red flags will be proactively detected and highlighted, for the user to address and appropriately record. 

Best practice 

The Wills workflow is continually maintained and reviewed to operate in line with regulatory guidance and industry standards, such as the Law Society’s Wills and Inheritance Quality Scheme.  The maintained Wills workflow allows Intelliworks users to progress matters confidently and effectively, providing the opportunity to allocate focus to bespoke elements of the client experience and service. A noted increase in the number of contested probate matters reaching the Courts in recent years has highlighted the importance of being sensitive to a range of overt and covert risks, which are relevant in this specific area of practice. Practitioners must be alert to many risks which may impact the future status and validity of the Will, such as undue influence, financial abuse, and testamentary capacity, all of which must be considered against developing cultural and environmental factors. 

Intelliworks Wills facilitates the detailed capture of client instructions from the point of inception.  Using expert design, Intelliworks highlights area of risk and review for the user, providing them with the opportunity to create tasks and reminders.  The Practitioner also benefits from integrated prompts and guidance, developed to allow them to manage, document and satisfy outstanding issues, mitigating future risk.  

Intelliworks Task History feature ensures that every enquiry and action is recorded against the matter, so that key information can be accessed quickly and easily, whether for contemporaneous file review, peer support or for future reference as evidence.  

Recent enhancements 

 Recently, in response to regulatory updates and guidance, Ochresoft has made several enhancements to the Intelliworks Wills workflows.  These include the addition of new dynamic tasks, guides and correspondence in respect of the virtual, remote witnessing and execution of Wills. These enhancements have been designed with a view to addressing and managing risks which may be exacerbated due to this method of execution.   

Other features include: 

  • Integrated ID checks and risk tools 
  • Automated, searchable, audit trail (Task History) recorded for each individual transaction
  • Integrated prioritisation of the Task List    
  • Comprehensive Legal Library, including precedent correspondence for both clients and third parties, which when utilised, ensures that areas and issue of risk are raised and explained clearly, achieving continuity and compliance across Will drafting teams and organisations.  
  • Transparency and visibility of matters across teams and organisations, to enable effective monitoring and review. 
  • Intelligent matter structure and flexible accessibility, to allow collaborative working amongst teams, whilst also effectively monitoring and highlighting risk.       
  • Analytics tool offering a range of reporting options, accessible from the Intelliworks desktop, utilising live case data which can be structured by multiple issues and parameters. 

 If you’d like further information on the Intelliworks Wills workflow, please contact us. 


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