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Samanea saman in the Forest of Ochresoft

The ‘Forest of Ochresoft’ continues to grow

Just six months into our commitment to offset our annual carbon emissions for 2022, and we are delighted to confirm that the ‘Forest of Ochresoft’ has already planted 721 trees, equating to over two acres and 320 tonnes of CO2 absorption (over the lifetime of the trees). 

In January 2021, the Ochresoft team made a pledge to offset the carbon emissions produced by the business, in a bid to become carbon neutral. 

Ochresoft is now eighteen months on from launching this biodiversity initiative and continues to be deeply committed to maintaining the approach of being a hugely carbon-negative business. 

In total, we have planted more than2,140 trees across the globe, which equates to reforesting 4.5 acres. More than 615 tonnes of CO2 are being captured over the lifetime of the trees. 

This week, we have expanded our worldwide forest into Thailand and purchased 36 ‘Samanea sama’, also known as ‘The Rain Tree’. The Rain Tree is a pioneer tree which produces a lot of seeds and can fix nitrogen from the surrounding soil. The leaves close together on cloudy days, allowing the rain to fall through the canopy to the ground. The grass around a Rain Tree is greener than the surrounding grass. 

The programme is being completed in partnership with Tree Nation – part of a wider program dedicated to reforesting the world. For anyone wishing to plant a tree in the ‘Forest of Ochresoft’, please click here – all donations are gratefully received. 


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