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‘The Forest of Ochresoft’ continues to offset carbon emissions

‘The Forest of Ochresoft’ continues to offset carbon emissions

In January 2021, the Ochresoft team made a pledge to offset the carbon emissions produced by the business. 

Since launching the ‘Forest of Ochresoft’ biodiversity initiative over two and a half years ago, we are delighted to confirm that we have planted 3,895 trees across the globe, which equates to reforesting 3.7 hectares. More than 1,052 tonnes of CO2 are being captured over the lifetime of the trees.  

Ochresoft continues to be deeply committed to maintaining the approach of being a hugely carbon-negative business. This month, we have expanded our worldwide forest into Tanzania and purchased 220 Markhamia lute trees, which are growing in project ‘Plant to Stop Poverty’. This project advises and helps communities in rural areas to practice agroforestry, to fight against prevailing poverty and climate change effects. This method of food and income guarantees security while forests are restored and protected through tree planting. 

The Markhamia lute trees are climatic resilient, which makes them suitable for quick restoration of highly destroyed forest parts. Their roots, bark and leaves are used in traditional medicine. It’s an important agroforestry tree – it’s used as a shade tree in crops and useful for erosion control and soil conservation; and provides good mulch.  

This is a graph showing our Forest progress to date, both in terms of tree numbers and CO2 impact:   

‘The Forest of Ochresoft’ continues to offset carbon emissions









Our ‘Forest of Ochresoft’ biodiversity initiative is being completed in partnership with Tree Nation, a program dedicated to reforesting the world. For anyone wishing to plant a tree, please click here – all donations are gratefully received. 


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