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Watkins and Gunn choose Intelliworks to manage their double-digit growth

Ochresoft has announced further success in the conveyancing sector. South Wales firm Watkins and Gunn has opted to roll out Intelliworks to support growing teams in its Cardiff and Pontypool offices.

The project will see the deployment of an end-to-end conveyancing solution comprising Cloud-based content-enabled workflows and Quotes module.

[quote author=”Clive Thomas, managing partner, explains the drivers for the new system”]
“We’re experiencing strong double digit growth in the department and we expect the upward trend to continue as the economy picks up. But higher volumes bring new pressures and we see the leveraging of a dedicated workflow tool as the best way to maintain our standards in terms of quality, risk, cost-efficiency and customer service.”

“Intelliworks impressed not just with its ease of use and richness of functionality but the fact that it is delivered and updated from the Cloud without any intervention from us. At a stroke we are freed up from both legal and system administration burdens, leaving us more time to focus on front end, value adding ‘lawyering’.”


Ochresoft’s Pauline Freegard comments:

“What is particularly gratifying about this win is the enthusiasm and eagerness that has been shown for the software by the fee earners themselves. Successful IT projects are all about positive adoption by the end user and the Watkins & Gunn team have immediately identified the savings and advantages to be gained by embracing well-engineered workflow systems. It further highlights the importance of having systems designed, developed and refined by lawyers for lawyers, which defines the Ochresoft proposition.”

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