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Customer promise

At Ochresoft, we take our promises seriously.

  1. When you call us If you are calling with an Intelliworks query, we will log your call and issue e-mail confirmation of the service desk ticket number. If we are unable to resolve the issue whilst you are on the phone, we will endeavor to provide an update within 1 hour of your call confirming a target resolution timescale and advising you of your on-going point of contact.
  2. When you email us for support If you are e-mailing about an Intelliworks query, we will issue e-mail confirmation of the service desk ticket number. We will endeavor to provide an update within 2 hours confirming a target resolution timescale and advising you of your on-going point of contact.
  3. When you email us with a general enquiry E-mails received into the Ochresoft enquiries in-box will receive a response within 24 hours.
  4. When you email a specific member of our team All staff members will have an out-of-office message enabled if they are not available. This will confirm how long they are unavailable and who to direct any urgent queries to.
  5. However you email us, we will always… Provide you with a response within 24 hours, where we are unable to provide a full response, we will send a holding e-mail detailing when you can expect a full response from us and if we need to pass your query onto someone better placed to deal with your query, we will tell you who we have passed it to and when you can expect a response from them
  6. If you need to make a complaint Sometimes things don’t go the way we would want them to and you need to make a complaint. Your complaint can be made in writing or over the phone. On receipt of your complaint, we will advise you of the next steps and who will be investigating the matter. We will log all compliments we receive. Where they relate to specific members of staff we’ll make sure they, and their manager, are aware.
  7. When we make changes to Intelliworks We will keep you up-to-date with the changes that we make and, where possible, intend to make to Intelliworks. We will send release notes out ahead of any major changes.
  8. When you work with Ochresoft We will provide you with a named Account Manager, who will arrange an agreed schedule of calls with you. They will be able to discuss all aspects of your account and signpost you to relevant experts within Ochresoft when necessary.
  9. Before you are charged anything We will always be honest and upfront about the costs you will incur. You will always be issued with an Order Form for any product changes on your account. If you need any additional training, your Account Manager will discuss your needs and agree on any charges before arranging.
  10. When we handle your data We will respect and protect the privacy and personal data of both you and your clients. Our cloud database is held within Next Generation Data (NGD), Newport; one of the largest Tier 3 data-centers in Europe. It provides the highest level of security and availability. Plus, all personal data is held in compliance with the policies set by the Data Protection Act 2018 and by the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read further about how we handle your personal data in our privacy policy.
  11. When you send us your feedback We will always listen and act on your feedback; it’s what helps us to improve. We recognise that customers are invested in us as an organisation. We will seek your feedback on areas that we know are important to you. This will be carried out on your scheduled Account Management calls.
  12. When looking to the future We will also seek opportunities to arrange customer meetings, where networking and group discussion can take place. This enables us to prioritise our future plans based on the needs of our customers.

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