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Intelliworks Conveyancing

Conveyancing teams across the UK rely on Intelliworks to manage all of their work, to ensure risk-managed best practice.

Intelliworks manages more conveyancing cases than any other workflow solution. Every year Ochresoft’s more than 200 law firm customers use Intelliworks Conveyancing to open and complete 120,000 new cases and to perform better for their clients.

Intelliworks Conveyancing provides managed legal content, intelligent workflows and automated, comprehensive forms and documents. We include Lexcel and CQS accredited practices and a comprehensive legal library of letters, documents, guides and legal forms.

Efficient and profitable working means better service for your clients

Intelliworks Conveyancing includes Sale, Purchase, New Build Purchase, Equity Release, Remortgage and General Property. The workflows are intelligent, flexible and granular; adjusting dynamically to your particular case.

Freehold, Leasehold, Flying freehold; Registered or Unregistered properties, each has its own detailed and tailored process. The system is extremely comprehensive, adaptable and compliant; but always intuitive, logical and easy to use.

Monitoring performance and conversions

Intelliworks gives you consistent, accurate pricing across teams and offices. Your teams can monitor their conversion rates from first customer call to inception of a case – do you know how well your teams are converting prospective customers into quotes and then into clients?

Intelliworks reports show referrer and staff performance. Senior management can see the pipeline of potential future work and plan for their workload.

From call to quote in 30 seconds, no potential customer forgotten

With Intelliworks you can generate a detailed, accurate quote instantly. You can even email a quote during the call: you don’t lose contact with the potential customer and could even sign them up on the phone.

Information you record on Intelliworks against a prospective customer’s file is carried forward when they become a client with no double-keying of information. When it’s time to complete, Intelliworks automatically invoices using your original quotation.

Winning more business and connecting with clients

Intelliworks gives your clients and agents access to a low cost web-based customer portal where they can track the progress of their case at any time. Your clients can also receive updates by SMS text messaging – and it all happens automatically in Intelliworks without any extra work for you.

Case tracking with Intelliworks Virtual Firm is an example of how Intelliworks can help you develop your business with extra ‘value-added’ services. Your customers are more engaged with your firm and happy to be able to check progress on their case 24×7. You cut down on calls from clients and agents asking for routine updates.

Risk Management reporting

Intelliworks Conveyancing includes a suite of 70 flexible reports covering financial and staff performance, compliance, key conveyancing risk areas and the new case/quote pipeline. Statistics for CQS or PI insurance renewals are there at the click of a button.

Huge time savings

Intelliworks gives you the full, seamless production of all the documents, letters and forms you need; generated automatically and submitted electronically. For example, an SDLT submission to HMRC with Intelliworks can take less than a minute – that’s a 95% time saving over using the HMRC website.

Intelliworks fills in the full set of conveyancing Laserforms, completing all the fields for you. Routine correspondence is effortless and consistent. The Report to Client builder for freehold or leasehold properties offers a consistent, compliant, risk-managed report that can save fee earners hours of work. Your customers are more engaged and more satisfied. Documents are produced in Microsoft Word with all details filled in and ready to go – but editable, so you can tailor a document to the case if you prefer.

Other key data services

Intelliworks links with the GB Group for integrated, seamless AML ID checks at £3.50 each. Built-in Lawyer Checker means the other side’s solicitors’ bank details are verified automatically. Search providers are integrated where possible so you can order searches directly from Intelliworks.

The Land Registry is currently trialling e-DRS electronic submission of documents. Intelliworks will support e-DRS early 2015. Official copy data will be downloaded straight into Intelliworks’ workflows – adverse interests and second charges processed reliably with no double keying.

No new IT hardware to buy

If you opt for our managed cloud service, as 95% of our clients do – and provided your firm meets our low minimum specification – there is no server for you to support and maintain and no new hardware to buy.

Intelliworks Smart Updates mean your teams are always up to date with Intelliworks – all automatically, with no human intervention required.

The Ochresoft team

Intelliworks is written by qualified legal staff working with our workflow and cloud technology developers. The conveyancing training team have all worked in practice.

Our pay-per-case billing model means we are invested in your future success as a long-term business partnership: we do well when you do well.

“It’s difficult to overstate the impact not just of the Intelliworks software but also of Ochresoft as a business partner. We are now lean, efficient and competitive. We’ve taken customer service to a new level too. And we’ve achieved a 45% increase in conveyancing gross profit
with the same team.”
Michael Lane, Managing Partner, Gisby Harrison LLP
“We’ve grown our conveyancing volumes by 400% but still been able to deliver on our original objectives of maintaining the quality while lowering the cost. Intelliworks has been instrumental in Gordon Brown’s successful repositioning for the future.”
Geoff Hall, Gordon Brown Law Firm LLP
“The real joy of Intelliworks for us is that it’s just there, ready to go pretty much out of the box, with content and updates automatically added in the background. It’s allowed us to be incredibly agile, something that would simply not have been open to us if we’d taken the protracted case management toolkit route. Given the usability, functionality, adaptability and affordability, it’s hard to see why firms would opt for anything else.
Elliott Evans, Managing Partner, Keith Evans & Co

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