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Intelliworks Private Client

We all know how crowded the probate market has become. New forms of competition, fixed fee and self-service options are driving down margins.

Grant-only probate, automated wills, free LPAs… it’s difficult to compete. Yet even as fees are under pressure from all sides, risk-management and best practice is more crucial than ever, particularly in will-writing.

How can firms improve best practice, risk-management and customer service and lower their fees, all at the same time?

Workflow software solves the problem. It can make you both more efficent and more compliant, but probate cases aren’t straightforward and easily-automated – you need specialist software written by experts.

Cases can take time to complete, with false starts and files on hold for weeks while your team wait for further information – so you need case management. They involve detailed family, estate, accounting, and tax rules – so you need an intelligent, comprehensive solution that understands current regulation and the way you work.

Until Ochresoft launched Intelliworks Private Client, the right product wasn’t available. Private client teams faced a stark choice between generic “toolkit”-based case management written by software houses with little legal content and no probate accounting; or accounts-focussed systems designed only for the expert user.

That’s why many of the practitioners we meet have been continuing with their manual, ad hoc, established, in-house processes. They recognise they need to be more efficient and manage risk, but they haven’t seen a flexible, comprehensive product that will fit their way of working.

Intelliworks Private Client was designed by lawyers who understand real practice, so it’s built to be the product working practitioners need. All the features and expertise you require but flexible and easy to use, Intelliworks can make your firm more efficient with minimal training and no disruption.

Intelliworks frees your fee earner and support staff from routine administrative tasks in probate administration, grant only cases, will writing and LPAs.

Our customers use Intelliworks to help them achieve their strategic goals:-

  • Because Intelliworks makes your teams more efficient, some of our customers use Intelliworks to improve turnover without increasing payroll.
  • Other firms have found the time they save by using Intelliworks can be used to improve customer service, marketing and business development.
  • The third group of Intelliworks adopters is most concerned with compliance and risk-management. They see the benefits of consistent, always updated, case-managed best practice that Intelliworks gives them.

Flexible for how you prefer to work

Intelliworks is the solution to improve financial performance and risk management for private client services. Intelliworks manages not only your documents and accounting, but also improves customer service and customer engagement – across multiple offices and all sizes of teams.

Your staff can work from any office or from home. Intelliworks holds its data and documents centrally and securely, backed-up and easily and quickly accessible from anywhere.

Legal Library

Intelliworks includes the legal library – the full suite of forms, documents and letters at the click of a button, complete and ready to send but free for you to edit for the individual case.

STEP and WIQS compliant

Best practice compliance is integrated into every aspect of Intelliworks, including STEP and WIQS protocols.

Cut down on data duplication and errors

Intelliworks brings your information together so nothing is forgotten or double-keyed.

Single entry of case contacts, will synopsis, asset / liability details, financial transactions and estate distribution to beneficiaries.

Automated Forms

IHT205 and the whole suite of 400 series forms are automatically produced in full. Intelliworks automatically generates and fills in the R185 or R185s and C4 corrective account as required.

Automatically up to date with Smart Updates

Intelliworks Smart Updates mean that everyone in every team is up to date automatically. That includes the latest legislation and quality standard guidelines as well as HMRC and probate registry details. You always have access to current financial data such as VAT rates, tax thresholds, dividend rates and IHT nil rate bands etc.

All forms and documents are maintained by our in-house legal team. Updates are automatically downloaded to each team member’s computer when they log in.

One click production of Estate Accounts

Intelliworks Private Client includes fast, automatic production of estate accounts meeting the latest STEP guidelines. You can quickly produce interim or final estate accounts to print or email for the customer, or to save to the audit trail of the case.

You can choose from basic or detailed accounts to suit your client, all ready to export to Excel in one click. Intelliworks keeps track of the whole estate including all the assets and amendments. You don’t need to maintain a complex Excel spreadsheet and you won’t find yourself having to repeat a calculation again and getting a different answer.

Intelliworks gives you complete confidence in your estate accounting.

No new IT hardware to buy

If you opt for our managed cloud service, as 95% of our clients do – and provided your firm meets our low minimum specification – there is no server for you to support and maintain and no new hardware to buy.

The Ochresoft team

Intelliworks is written by qualified legal staff working with our workflow and cloud technology developers. The private client training team have all worked in practice.

Our pay-per-case billing model means we are invested in your future success as a long-term business partnership: we do well when you do well.


Intelliworks Private Client users include:

  • Crellins Carter Solicitors
  • Quality Solicitors Thomson & Bancks
  • Wards Solicitors
  • Legacy Probate Services
  • Archers Law LLP
  • Trust Inheritance Ltd
  • Cornfield Law LLP
  • Burnand Brazier Tisdall
  • George Ide LLP
  • “I can now produce the estate accounts at the click of a button and my team can answer client queries instantly on the phone, improving our responsiveness and customer service. Quite frankly I couldn’t imagine going back to my previous way of working.”
    Jane Miller, Probate Manager, Crellins Carter Solicitors
    “Everything is in one place, Intelliworks has transformed internal efficiencies and productivity. The production of estate accounts and IHT forms and Oaths takes a fraction of the time it used to.”
    Alison Hill, Probate Manager, Burnand Brazier Tisdall
    “For Barlows, the most important benefit is improved compliance and risk management. We now have a complete audit trail of activities, we’re right on top of everything and missing nothing, we’re using the very latest precedents and working to bang-up-to date rules.”
    Lisa Bacon, Salusbury Harding & Barlow

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