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Intelliworks LPAs

A laborious but profitable process made effortless and error-free.

If your firm produces LPAs and you aren’t using workflow software, you need Intelliworks.

Lasting Powers of Attorney for health and property are an important source of extra, profitable work for law firms.

Capacity checking, multiple clients, multiple LPAs, attorneys and alternatives for each file. Too much time is spent filling in forms and repeating basic information.

Intelliworks takes care of all that.

LPAs are routine but laborious. It’s a stop-wait-start process which must be carefully managed, with the focus on client care.

It’s easy to make a mistake.

You’re being paid for your time, but often on a fixed-fee basis. Software makes each transaction more profitable.

One minor error on a form could leave your client without an attorney. You can’t afford to take that risk.

LPAs are perfect for Intelliworks.

A routine process, but with risks

Intelliworks has integrated risk management. Its software makes your firm more efficient and better risk-managed at the same time. Faster and with more checks, so nothing is forgotten.

A process-managed approach to donor capacity

When we launched Intelliworks Wills, we introduced a better, integrated approach to capacity checking. Rather than relying on checklists as our competitors do, we have built capacity checking seamlessly into the workflow. It means Intelliworks takes care of capacity as you go.

Intelliworks LPAs provides risk management at every stage of the process – for example, when ensuring donor capacity. That means focussing on the clients and their circumstances; not just the forms.

Full audit trail

As with all Intelliworks products, LPAs gives you a full audit trail by date and time. It tells you what was done, when and by whom.

Fee earner risk review for more effective delegation

Intelliworks’ reporting suite includes the fee earner risk review for LPAs. This gives your senior staff peace of mind that everything is in order with their juniors. When you trust Intelliworks’ risk management and risk reviews, you can be more effective at delegation and pass on work such as LPAs to unlock the capacity of your teams.

Intelliworks LPAs:

  • Preparation and registration of LPAs, fully managed throughout
  • Risk-managed from client instruction through to billing
  • Best practice, integrated and comprehensive approach on capacity and undue influence
  • Attorney checks: consent, capacity, financial affairs etc
  • Apply for and track the LPA Certificate
  • Health and welfare LPAs
  • Property and financial affairs LPAs

Fully integrated with Intelliworks

Intelliworks LPAs comes with all the other advantages of Intelliworks:-

  • Smart Updates
  • no new IT to buy
  • email and document management
  • monitoring and reporting management tools
  • disaster recovery and data security

Because it’s integrated with Intelliworks, all your information is available with full transparency and no double-keying.

Automatically available now for Private Client users

Intelliworks functions as an integrated system for all your casework. LPAs is available now to all our Intelliworks Private Client users as part of the package on our normal pay-per-use pricing structure, with a fee you can pass on to your client as you wish.

Get in touch to find out more and discuss your requirements.

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