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Leveraging the power of upfront information (UFI) in property sales

Webinar: Leveraging the power of upfront information (UFI) in property sales

How can conveyancers make the most of upfront information?

Join Rob Gurney, Managing Director of Ochresoft, as he discusses the importance of upfront information and how conveyancers can make the most of it, in our on-demand webinar.

The webinar covers:

  • How upfront information can benefit the conveyancing process 
  • The changes to the law and what this means for conveyancers 
  • How to process upfront information for transaction speed and certainty

Did you know? 

Having conveyancing lawyers involved at the point of listing a property is an inevitable outcome of Parts B and C of the National Trading Standards material information requirements – it’s a change in the law as a result of the government’s ‘Levelling Up the UK white paper. 

The drive behind this change in the law is the opportunity to make property transactions easier and less stressful for property sellers and buyers. 

How is this beneficial for conveyancers?

When sellers’ lawyers are involved right at the beginning of a property sale, they have the time to draft the contract pack and move the transaction ahead of the game. Simply having information upfront, before the offer hits the table, means lawyers and estate agents can reduce the time spent reviewing and addressing information between the point of the sale agreed and exchange of contracts. This in turn increases the certainty of a transaction and in certain cases could also reduce completion times.


Rob Gurney is the Managing Director of Ochresoft, which provides award-winning, market-leading case management software.  He is a property lawyer by trade and is passionate about streamlining legal processes and utilising data in order to provide better quality and consistent services to all parties involved in property transactions.