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Rachel Bardell

Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) Update – May 2022

The Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is a recognised quality standard for residential conveyancing practices.

Following feedback from solicitors and lenders earlier this year, the Law Society took the decision to update the CQS standards to continue to drive improvement within the profession in the areas of best practice, client service and practice management. In February 2022, it published the updated Core Practice Management Standards (CPMS).

All CQS-accredited organisations must comply with the updated Standards from 1 May 2022. We have therefore updated all of the Intelliworks workflows which are impacted by the new requirements and released them to our customers on 25 April 2022, in advance of the new CPMS implementation date.

For more details regarding the enhancements and updates in each of these releases, please see our detailed CQS Update Note, provided by Legal and Compliance Analyst, Rachel Bardell.  Rachel covers the main changes in the new CPMS requirements and explains how these are addressed in Intelliworks through the introduction of detailed workflow enhancements, additional tasks and guidance, as well as new letters and documents to complement the updates. Our enhanced workflows will help Intelliworks users to navigate the new requirements effectively, ensure compliance and deliver heightened standards, as part of their day-to-day practice.

Over the course of the next week we will be releasing a series of helpful blogs, which will each highlight an area of the updated Core Practice Management Standards and explain how our Intelliworks workflows address these updates.

To read the next blog in this series, please click here. 


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